What Do Brides Need To Know About Flower Preservation?

Posted on: 2 May 2023

Flowers have a delicate, ephemeral beauty that is difficult to match. It's traditional for brides to carry bouquets of fresh flowers on their wedding days to accent their beauty and symbolize their love. Fortunately, you can preserve your memories and your flowers using a flower preservation service. These are four things that brides who wish to preserve their flowers should know.

1. Time is of the essence

Flower preservation can stop the hands of time and keep your flowers looking beautiful for many years to come. However, it's important to remember that flowers are inherently delicate and perishable. In order to get the best results from floral preservation techniques, you must ensure that your wedding bouquet arrives at the flower preservation shop in a timely manner. Many flower preservation services allow clients to drop off their bouquets in person or send them as an overnight shipment.

2. Imperfections in your bouquet can either be removed or retained

Because flowers are so delicate, bridal bouquets often incur minor damage over the course of the wedding day. Flower preservation experts have an eye for beauty and can mitigate this effect by carefully selecting only the best flowers to include in your preserved arrangement. However, some brides wish to retain their full bouquets with their imperfections. If you want to preserve your bouquet as-is with no removal of damaged flowers, you can specify this in advance. Your flower preservation specialist will strive to ensure that your preferences are respected.

3. Remember that flowers may change slightly

Flower preservation is an art. During the preservation process, specialists use drying agents, such as silica, to remove the moisture from your flowers and stop the decaying process. Of course, dried flowers will naturally look a little different than their fresh counterparts. Your preserved flowers will look beautiful, but it's important to have realistic expectations. Your flowers may look slightly darker and smaller once they have been preserved. 

4. Flower preservation services offer a variety of beautiful and artistic ways to preserve the flowers

There is no single correct way to display your preserved flowers. Some people choose to have their wedding bouquets preserved as-is to best capture the memories of their wedding day. Other people prefer to have their bouquets transformed into art pieces that can be proudly displayed in their homes. If you wish to turn your bouquet into a work of art, a flower preservation service can arrange your preserved flowers in a beautiful jar, shadow box, or frame.

For more information, contact a flower preservation service near you.


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