5 Anniversary Flower Arrangement Ideas

Posted on: 12 October 2021

Flowers are a popular anniversary gift because they are seen as a highly romantic gesture. Finding the perfect flowers for your wedding anniversary doesn't have to be difficult. The following can provide inspiration for choosing just the right blooms, and your florist can then work them into an anniversary floral arrangement

1. Wedding Remake

Chances are your wedding flowers were chosen because you or your partner adored them, and they will likely bring back warm memories of the day. You can integrate a few of the wedding blooms into a larger arrangement, or you may simply want to recreate the bridal bouquet from the big day. Your florist can help design an arrangement from your wedding photos, or provide more inspiration for using your wedding flower in a new design.

2. Bouquet of Favorites

Sometimes the best bouquet is one made up of your partner's favorite flowers or one that includes blooms in their favorite color. They are sure to like the arrangement and they are also going to be touched that you paid attention to their favorites and took the time to choose something that you knew they would enjoy.

3. Family Affair

For couples with children, it may be touching to include your kids in the anniversary bouquet. Make a bouquet using the flowers associated with each birth month, such as carnations for children born in January and daisies for the April babies. For a family of four, for example, your bouquet may include four different flower varieties. This is a touching way to honor your spouse and the family you have built together on the day you celebrate your marriage.

4. Stick to Tradition

There are traditions when it comes to anniversary flowers. Generally, each anniversary year or milestone year is associated with a specific bloom. You can give a bouquet of just these blooms, or combine the anniversary blooms with the wedding flower or your partner's favorite flower in order to make it more personalized. 

5. Be Romantic

A bouquet of roses is popular because few flowers declare love and romance as a red rose. You can give an entire bouquet of 12 long stem roses, or opt for a mixed bouquet of roses and perhaps a wedding flower or your partner's favorite flower. Even a single rose, presented in love, can be an intensely romantic gesture if you are on a smaller budget.

Contact a florist to learn about your options for an anniversary floral arrangement.


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