Are You Planning A Christmas Wedding?

Posted on: 18 September 2018

Has your daughter recently made the announcement that she will be getting married over the Christmas holidays? It may be that her fiancé is in the armed forces and will be deployed after Christmas. Or, it could be that your daughter and her fiancé are so much in love that they don't want a long engagement. Whatever the reason that you are planning a Christmas wedding, you might be a little stressed over the fact that you have only a few months in which to plan this important event. From arranging the wedding flowers to planning the food, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a very special Christmas wedding for your daughter and her sweetheart.

​The Wedding Flowers - Can you imagine how busy florists will be during the Christmas holidays? Besides preparing flower arrangements that people will be sending as Christmas gifts to making arrangements for others who have planned a Christmas wedding, the workers at your favorite florist will more than likely be working for hours. Consider going as quickly as possible to place your order for the flowers that you want for your daughter's wedding. For example, besides your daughter's wedding bouquet, will there be a flower girl who will wear a crown of flowers? The florist can probably make that crown. How about corsages for both mothers, and possibly grandmothers? And, of course, you'll more than likely want flower arrangements that will be used as centerpieces. Make a list of every single arrangement you need and, after you present the list to the florist, consider asking, Have I forgotten anything? The florist will have the experience to remind you of additional flowers that you might have forgotten. Contact a business like Bella Fiora A Floral Design Studio for more help.

​The Wedding Feast - Consider the fact that you will be busy tending to your daughter's needs and consider the fact that you will want to greet guests who attend the wedding and the wedding reception. Even though you might be a gourmet cook, this occasion will more than likely be a lot more enjoyable if you let professionals take care of the food. Think of hiring caterers who will do things like setting up tables and table settings, serve a delicious meal, and then clean up everything after the festivities are over. Consider whether you want an informal buffet or a more formal seated dinner where guests are served by the caterers. Another idea is to keep things super simple by serving wedding cake and other delectable treats along with both real champagne and non-alcoholic bubbly.


Understanding Floral Work

When we began going through and planning my sister's wedding, it was really overwhelming. We realized that in addition to finding a great venue and working towards taking care of all of the catering, we also needed to figure out who was going to do the flowers. We read up on floral arrangements to see if we could do it on our own, but we quickly determined that it was out of the realm of possibility. This blog is here to help people to understand floral work and take care of things easily, so that you can make things better every day.

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