Tips To Help You Order A Flower Arrangement

Posted on: 30 October 2017

Ordering flowers from a florist can be a great way of celebrating important events or providing decorations for gatherings. When you are looking to buy flowers, you will want to utilize several key tips so that you have a pleasant and efficient experience with using a florist to provide your flowers.

Add Sugar To The Flowers' Water

Individuals often assume that their flowers will only need to have water added to the vase to keep them alive. While this is important for keeping the flowers alive for as long as possible, the flowers will need more than water to survive. A simple way of helping to extend the life of your flowers is to mix a small amount sugar into the water that is in the vase. This will provide the flowers with food so that they can stay alive for much longer. To help the sugar dissolve in the water in the vase, you may want to make a simple syrup that can be added to the water. If you will need to change or supplement the water in your flower arrangement vase, you should be sure to add more sugar or simple syrup to the water.

Keep The Flowers In A Cool Location

Where you put the flowers is important for keeping them in good condition for as long as possible. While you may want to ensure that the flowers are receiving some sunlight, it is also important to keep them cool. If the flowers are allowed to get hot, they can rapidly deteriorate. Ideally, the flowers should be placed in an area that only receives indirect sunlight and that has very mild and stable temperatures.

Take Reference Photographs Of The Area Where The Flowers Will Be Positioned

Order a flower arrangement can be somewhat confusing and complicated as you may find it fairly stressful to choose an arrangement that will complement the room where the flowers will be located. A simple way of helping you to choose the perfect flower arrangement for your room will be to have a picture of the room that you can look at while comparing floral arrangements. This will make it much easier to choose a flower arrangement with the colors or themes that will bring out the best qualities in the room they are being displayed. If this is not a practical solution for your situation, you may find that it is possible to achieve similar results by tailoring the decorations around the flowers to their colors. For example, placing a matching tablecloth on the table where the vase is location can help to tie the color of the flowers to the rest of your decorations. 


Understanding Floral Work

When we began going through and planning my sister's wedding, it was really overwhelming. We realized that in addition to finding a great venue and working towards taking care of all of the catering, we also needed to figure out who was going to do the flowers. We read up on floral arrangements to see if we could do it on our own, but we quickly determined that it was out of the realm of possibility. This blog is here to help people to understand floral work and take care of things easily, so that you can make things better every day.

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