How To Save Money On Your Wedding Flowers

Posted on: 13 October 2017

If you're planning a wedding, you know just how much money it costs to make your big day perfect. It all adds up, even the smaller accents of your wedding such as flowers can get pricey if you aren't careful with your planning. See below for some tips to save you a bit of money on your wedding flowers:

Use In-Season Flowers

If you're looking for exotic flowers in the middle of winter, you're going to pay out the nose for those flowers. Stick with flowers that are in-season during your wedding season. So if your wedding is in winter, stick with flowers such as roses and lilies as opposed to wildflowers, peonies, and lilacs that are summer flowers. Talk to your florist about what flowers are in-season during the season you are planning your wedding.

Use Greenery

Greenery and filler flowers can save you money too, as you won't be using as many of the key flowers in your arrangements. Greenery and filler flowers can be just as beautiful and can add color pops for your wedding.

Wedding Flowers As Reception Flowers

Don't buy wedding flowers and then separate reception flowers, use your wedding flowers at your reception as well. You can use bouquets from your bridesmaids to help decorate tables or other areas of your reception. Reuse these flowers rather than spending more money on flowers. Nobody is going to notice that the same flowers were used at two separate locations.

Ask About Flower Petals

Flower petals can be a cheap option as well to use as table decor or another decor for your reception. If you don't mind what color flower petals are used, you may be able to get bags of petals for a discounted rate.

Choose Smaller Bouquets

Choose smaller bouquets instead of larger ones to save you money. If your original plan was a large bouquet with cascading flowers, opt for something a little smaller. Talk to your florist to create something similar without being quite as large or expensive.

Talk To Your Florist

Go over your wedding flower budget with your florist and ask what you can get for your money. Work together to come up with something that fits your taste and style, but works within your budget. 

It can be easy to go overboard with your wedding budget and spend too much money. Talk to local flower services about what you can do to stay in your budget.


Understanding Floral Work

When we began going through and planning my sister's wedding, it was really overwhelming. We realized that in addition to finding a great venue and working towards taking care of all of the catering, we also needed to figure out who was going to do the flowers. We read up on floral arrangements to see if we could do it on our own, but we quickly determined that it was out of the realm of possibility. This blog is here to help people to understand floral work and take care of things easily, so that you can make things better every day.

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