Funeral Flower Ideas For Seasonal Memorials

Posted on: 21 September 2017

When a person passes near or around a holiday, it can be an even more solemn and meaningful event. Pay tribute to the deceased and reflect the season with a floral arrangement that fits the occasion.

Some floral ideas to memorialize loved ones during the holidays include:

Go simple. Create a lasting arrangement of color-themed carnations and baby's breath for a tribute that will hold-up well for funerals, services, and interments. Choose colors that coordinate with the season and holiday, such as red and white for Christmas or yellow and red for fall.

It's okay to add something sweet. It is perfectly fine to add something sweet and special to any funeral arrangement, especially if you want to acknowledge the season or holiday. For example, floral-pics of Easter eggs, holiday symbols, or religious motifs are available through florists and can give your simple arrangement a bit of character.

A bountiful basket. Opt for a simple basket and fill it with the season's typical bounty. Baskets are inexpensive vessels for arrangements, and your florist should have a few to pick from. These also travel well from the funeral home, to the church, to the burial site, as needed. For example:

  • At Thanksgiving, opt for cornucopia-shaped baskets and fill with brown mums, yellow daisies, and red carnations for a fall-flavor.
  • During the Christmas season, fill a basic basket with pine boughs, cedar sprigs, and bright-red carnations for a holiday feeling at this sad time.
  • In spring, fill a pastel-colored basket with daisies and wildflowers to commemorate Easter and Passover.

A wreath always works. Wreaths can be crafted by your florist to suit any occasion or holiday, besides the traditional Christmas wreath. For instance, inexpensive grapevine can be accented with fresh flowers and greenery for a captivating Easter arrangement, or made on a wreath-ring with an abundance of fresh daisies for a summertime tribute.

Live plants. If you want a living tribute that will go from one season to the next, live plants are a viable option. These also have a sense of symbolism, providing life at a time of a death. Talk with your flower shop about the best options for your region's grow zone.

Anytime you lose a loved one, it is a difficult time; however, losing someone dear during the holidays brings a whole new meaning to the season. Pay homage to a life lived with a floral arrangement that is both tasteful and touching, a fitting tribute to this special time of year.


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